Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Season Finales

I have been quiet lately.  On the blog anyway.  In my living room I have been busy watching all those season finales. 

I am thrilled that they are finally wrapping up.  Now I know what happens to all the "Desperate Housewives".  I can sleep without wondering about those "Smash" girls.  I know who won "Survivor" and only have a week til The Donald hires his "Celebrity Apprentice". 

Now that "Mike and Molly" are settled and "How I Met Your Mother" has teased me with another possible future I can relax. 

In the next week I will be able to see the finale of "30 Rock" and we are getting close to the "American Idol" winner. 

It is exhausting. 
I don't know why I do it every time.  I have so many shows that I watch on a regular basis.  I try to stop but I can't.  Then I tell myself that I won't start any new shows but I always do.  I don't want to miss the next "Modern Family" just because my Wednesday night is already loaded. 

Here is my week of television.


Watch "Amazing Race" and "Celebrity Apprentice".  Record "Desperate Housewives" and "Once Upon A Time". 


Watch "How I Met Your Mother" and "Mike and Molly".  I record "Smash" (I have to get up at 4AM, so bedtime is 9PM).


Watch "Biggest Loser" and "Glee"


Watch "Survivor" and "American Idol".  Record "Modern Family".


Watch "American Idol" results. (Although I usually just watch the other shows and fast forward to the end).  Also watch "The Office" and "30 Rock"  Record "Up All Night"


I record "Who Do You Think You Are".  Other than that, it is a night off.  I am currently three episodes deep in DVR for this show.


A true night off.  I like to get up early on Saturday and catch up on my shows I DVR that the husband doesn't like.

Now that most of these shows are complete I can't say it is going to get better.  Because in the upcoming weeks the summer shows start.

"Big Brother"
"True Blood"
"The Next Food Network Star"

I didn't even include the cable shows I am watching on my computer or on demand. 

My name is Jo and I am a TV-aholic.

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  1. If you are a true Glee addict like our family you HAVE to add "The Glee Project" about to start up again on Oxygen!!!