Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Master - 2012


Remember how I used to write about movies?  Well I went to the movies today.

I got up early and took a very chilly walk, it was only in the forties.  There were some random oddities on this walk.  First I passed a guy standing in front of his house.  He smiled and said hello.  I smiled back, listening to the Beatles tell me about their "Hard Days Night".  But the dude wanted to chat about the weather. 

"Cold morning!"  He announced.

"Yep."  I smiled, still moving.

"You're bundled up today."

Huh?  That is creepy.  Is someone noticing me on my walks?

"Sure is."

"It was a hundred a couple of weeks ago.  I had frost on my car.  It is crazy."

At this point I made it past the house and left him behind.  Then I suddenly had a walking buddy.  A little black and white dog.  He kept walking around me in a little dance.  I remember this from my old dog Phil.  He didn't want to be caught. 

Across the street his mom was hollering at him to come home.  She was in her bathrobe and his good brother was watching with disapproval.  My buddy got close then darted away, really loving the game. 

I stopped and took out an earbud.  I tried to get him close to capture him, but he knew that trick.  His mom finally got him in the yard and yelled an apology.

I told her it was OK, I'd had that kind of dog before. 

"You want another one?"  She asked.

I declined.

On the bridge I passed a woman carrying a baby and pushing a stroller.  I remember before having children that I used to wonder why people did this. 

Then I had the trail to myself.  It was a good walk.  When I got home I took a shower, ate some late breakfast and went to the movies.

I love Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  When I saw he had a new movie I was ready to jump in the car.  Joaquin Phoenix is also good.  And I like Amy Adams, more when she's funny, but she is good.

I did not like "The Master".

Joaquin Phoenix looks like this the whole movie.  Remember the drugged out scenes in "Walk the Line"?  That is this whole movie.

Hoffman is his usual but it is just strange.  He is a cult leader.  Or an innovator.  Or just a nut.  He believes that in all our the past lives we experience trauma that we carry to our next life.  Without working through these we can't be perfect. 

He kind of adopts Joaquin after he stows away on a boat they are having a wedding on.  They start this strange homoerotic yet sexless relationship. 

Amy Adams is his wife and she seems to be the real power behind the throne. 

It was a couple of hours and I must have looked at my watch a half dozen times.  I think I even dozed a little.  I just couldn't get into it. 

I left the movie and felt like I had just lost time I would never get back.

The best part.  I got to my car and called to let my husband know I was coming home.  I turned to check traffic and saw this.

A bear.

Buckled up. 

It was really a random day all over.

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