Friday, September 21, 2012


I have been having a bad week.  I feel like I've had some setbacks.  Work is gearing up for the holidays and I am in retail.  It will only get crazier over the next 90 days.   Almost every day this week I have been late coming home.  Then I am not walking like I should. 

I walked on Sunday.  I took Monday off, doing the stationary bike instead.  I walked a couple of miles on Tuesday.  Then I did the stationary bike again on Wednesday until the pedal fell off. 

Last night I got home late and was just tired.  I made the mistake of sitting down in my chair and not walking.  Then tonight I got home.  I knew I was going out later so I am sitting here again.  I didn't want to get all sweaty before I go out.

But tomorrow I am back.  I have found that by not walking the last couple of days I am feeling more tense and emotional.  I can't seem to shake it.  I need to get that sweat out and push all the crap aside and let it go.  It will still be there when I come back home, but I feel stronger and ready to meet the charge.

I will walk. 



  1. You can do it! You walk such long distances - on days where you don't feel like it - try just doing a short walk. You'll feel good that you did something! I would kill to have your distances lol. I look at them in amazement!!!

    Just remember - you are doing amazing things! And I know you are still my inspiration - and I'm sure there are others too!

    I tried to give myself permission to skip a day when I had the freaking cold from hell - and I felt guilty all day long - because I am scared if I give myself permission just once - it will snowball. See - paranoia has its positive side too!!!

    You can always text or call if you need some encouragement!!!

  2. Michelle, I appreciate your support and encouragement. I got back out there today and it felt so good. I hope you know how much you inspire me!