Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One Month!

This is me on August 11th.  It has been one month since the 5K.  In that time I have walked almost every day.  I have only skipped three days.  One was my wedding anniversary.  One was a day hotter than the blazes.  And then there was MeatFest.  On the first two, I did some stationary bike.  On MeatFest, there was none of that. 

I don't know if I have posted about MeatFest.  It is a celebration held on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend each year and family members plan their whole weekend around it.  My husband smokes many pounds of meat.

Over the years we have developed a number of MeatFest traditions.  One is INSANE amounts of meat.  My husband smoked about 106 total pounds of meat.  Then there are other meat based foods and many side dishes.  It is crazy.  It is the most awesome of all holidays.

One big tradition of MeatFest is the pre-meal fighting.  It happens in almost all the households that celebrate it. 

Smoking meat is grumpy work for my beloved husband.  He wants it to be perfect and gets very sweaty and cranky.  While I try to follow the predetermined start time it never works as planned.  The family should just plan on it being at least an hour late. 

Being late makes ME cranky.  So you have two cranky people trying to get 106 pounds of meat ready to go.  So we bicker.  But then before you know it we are sitting at the table loading up on protein and all is well.  Since I had to work on the day and then make my dessert and help pack up the meat, I didn't take a walk that day.  But I did sweat.  Smoking and fighting is sweaty work.

So that is the only day I didn't exercise. 

But in the last month I have walked 69.2 miles in 28:16:50 hours and burned 11,296 calories. Which just about covers what I ate at MeatFest. 

Now for more miles and more salads.

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