Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Walking Playlist - Warm Up Songs

When I am walking I like to listen to music.  This is really the only time I do.  In the car I listen to the radio on the way to work because I know someone who is on the station.  On the way home I listen to audiobooks. 

I have a pretty eclectic mix of songs. A lot of them remind me of movies that they have been in. 

I need to have warm up songs.  I read about how especially being diabetic, if I want to walk for weight loss and general fitness, I have to walk slow for five minutes.  This will cause me to burn fat instead of sugar. (Don't ask me for the science.  I am just trusting the internet)  Since I tend to match the pace of the music, it has to be slow and easy.

My current favorite is called "Apron Strings" by Kate Bush.  It was featured in the movie "She's Having A Baby".  It plays over a montage.  Jake's wife has just been rushed for an emergency c-section, he doesn't know what is happening.  After a movie showing all the things that drove him crazy about his marriage, we see all the moments of joy as they threaten to slip away.

The song is haunting.  Through the whole movie you wonder why Elizabeth McGovern put up with Kevin Bacon and those three minutes redeem him completely. 

My other warm up is "Into The Mystic" by Van Morrison.  It is featured in a movie called "Immediate Family". 

Glenn Close and James Wood are the perfect yuppie couple who can't get pregnant.  Mary Stuart Masterson and Kevin Dillon have bad eighties hair and a unplanned pregnancy. 
They come together and the women are getting to know each other.  Lucy (Masterson) finds a CD of Van Morrison and asks Linda (Close) to play a certain song.  In that moment they bond over the song and let their guard down for a few minutes while the music plays.  The song takes me to that moment every time.  It is a really sweet movie.
The final song (I can hear my husband rolling his eyes) is "The Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler.  Sadly I know it very well. 

I was cruising the movie channels this weekend and caught it right as Barbara Hershey is having her baby.  I don't remember what I was watching before it, but it was equally schmaltzy and saccharine. 

"Now Beaches?" 

I think he actually moaned with physical discomfort. 

But it is a great warm up song.

Next time I will talk about the songs that get me pumped and moving along for my walk.

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