Thursday, February 16, 2012

Perils of Movie Watching

So yesterday I was trying to find something to watch on Netflix and came across this.

I am a huge Kevin Smith fan and have loved his Q&A sessions in the past.  This was no different.  But there was a problem.

I was laughing too hard.

Why is this is a problem you ask?  Because laughing too hard is not good for a person who's just had abdominal surgery.  I started laughing and had to hold my stomach and that wasn't enough.  After fifteen minutes, for my personal comfort and health, I had to stop the show.

Later when my husband got home I tried to tell him what was so funny and started laughing again.  I couldn't even get it out.  I was standing there laughing and holding my stomach. 

So today, I will be searching for something gentle and not too weepy.  Who knew getting better would be so treacherous?

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