Monday, February 27, 2012

My Oscar Review

So, I held off until 6 PM to watch the red carpet.  But I was being nice to my husband.  Luckily I turned in just in time for the wackiness of Sacha Baron Cohen promoting his new movie, "The Dictator".

I do prefer "E's" red carpet coverage.  Ryan Seacrest asks decent questions, seems to know who the stars are.  I tuned into ABC's coverage and watched as the stupid people on that coverages asked really idiotic questions.   Like asking Nick Nolte about his crows and a pinball machine. 


I tuned into ABC early enough to see my nemesis.

She is wearing a cape.  She is evil.  She made jokes with the English correspondent about how English she is.  Too bad it was the same stuff that is in the last Austin Powers movie.  My husband could have passed that test.  And he never can understand anyone British except Simon Cowell.

I hate Gwyneth Paltrow.

I loved seeing Billy Crystal again.  I think he rocked his hosting duties.  He kissed George Clooney, talked to Justin Beiber and did a great song and dance.  He quipped and was just so fun. 

I liked the set with the old style movie house. 

One of my favorite wins of the night was Octavia Spencer.

She was the favorite almost anywhere you read.  But she was so genuine and looked fabulous.  I can't say the same for Melissa McCarthy.

Sweetie, I love you.  You are fabulous in "Bridesmaids" and on "Mike and Molly".  But fire the stylist that put you in that nightmare.  I have seen you looking so much better.  That was just wrong.  Find out who dressed Octavia.  She showed that a big girl can rock it. 

Meryl was fantastic.  I am shocked that she hadn't won in 30 years.  That is a crime.  She looked great, like an Oscar statue.  And she is just so real.  I love that she started with thanking her husband.  It was nice to see her finally take home another one.  She should have gotten it for Julia Child and Karen Silkwood.  But at least she was honored last night.  Keep em coming Meryl!

And how adorable was Colin Firth presenting?   I love him too.

Now, things I hated.

Cirque Du Soleil

I can't get into the acrobats.  Plus I think I would be a wreck if people were flying over my head.

They are so freaky with all the bending.  Plus I can't copy a picture.  They have some kind of exclusive deal on their images.  Goobers.

"The Artist"

It won best picture.  Best Actor.  It was nominated for best original screenplay.  How much of a screenplay does a silent movie have?   But it didn't win.

I haven't seen the movie and may sing a different song if I do, but I was disappointed that George or Brad didn't win.  I am glad they were both nominated.

Nick Nolte looked very old.

When did that happen?   Granted he's 71 years old, but he seemed to be aging pretty well.  He looked rough last night.

OK Angie.  I like you.  You are with one of the hottest guys in the world.  You make boatloads of money and have beautiful children.  You are a humanitarian who donates half your salary to charity. Do you really have to remind us how hot you are?  Please.  Let us save a little of our self esteem. 

Overall it was a good show.  Definitely better than last year's. 

Next year I hope to see more of the nominees.  It does make a difference when watching.  

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