Monday, February 20, 2012

I Like That Actor - John Cusack Part One

I more than like John Cusack.  I love him.  He has been crushworthy since the eighties and has done nothing to reduce his appeal for me in the years since.

I will admit he has done a lot of things I haven't seen, so I will apologize in advance.  But I have a few weeks of leave left, so I will try to catch up.


Young Rob Lowe and young Andrew McCarthy.  Andrew has an affair with Rob's mom.   I honestly don't remember much else from this movie.  But isn't John adorable?

Sixteen Candles

Anthony Michael Hall may have been the king of the geeks, but Bryce was great.  That moment when he and Cliff look at each other and say, "Girl's underpants".  It is a classic.  This is a movie I can start watching at any point.  It is awesome.

Grandview U.S.A.

So, Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell and Jamie Lee Curtis.  I barely remember this movie and only know it had something to do with a love triangle and demolition derby.   John and his sister were both in it.  Hmmm.

The Sure Thing

John is on a road trip for guaranteed sex with a hot young Nicollette Sheridan.   But instead he falls hopelessly in love with Daphne Zuniga, pre-Space Balls.  She has long brown hair and wears sweaters.  This made me grow my hair long again after my disastrous Princess Diana haircut.

Better Off Dead

So many classic moments.  Who hasn't said this at any opportunity?

Johnny: I want my two dollars!

The Journey Of Natty Gann

Natty is searching for her father.  John helps her along the way and rocks a fedora like Indiana Jones.  Who wouldn't want him on your journey?

Tired of the laptop on my lap.  Gonna get the ice pack and take a nap.  More tomorrow.

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