Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Breathing Method - Casting The Movie

The powers in that be Movie Land may have finally heard my prayer!  They are going to finally adapt the final novella in Stephen King's collection "Different Seasons" will be adapted for the big screen.

This is a magical group of stories.

Shawshank Redemption

Stand By Me

Apt Pupil

All the movies were really good.  Apt Pupil was the weakest and still had great performances.  Each story was great. 

Shawshank was the story of Spring and the hope that "springs" eternal.

Apt Pupil was about Summer and corruption of youth. 

Stand By Me, or "The Body" was about Fall and the fall from innocence.  It was also the journey away from childhood and letting go of childish things.

But I have been waiting since I read the book way back in the 80's for the final story to come to film.  It is a Winter story.  It shows us a man in the winter of his life telling a story about winter that changed his life.  (How many times can I say winter in one paragraph, once more I guess)  It is the closest to horror of any of the stories in the collection.  But it is so heartfelt.  There is tragedy and inspiration.  It is a pretty cool story.

So I am going to do those movie makers a favor and cast the main characters for them.  Dear Director person, just call me if you need help getting the minor roles cast.


This is a slightly minor character, but he bookends the movie and introduces us the "The Club" where stories are treasured.

It is a small part, but Tom Hanks would be incredible.  His thoughts are all over his face and watching him react to the story told would be magical.  Plus he done King before.

Dr. Emlyn McCarron

Thomas Jane as the innovative doctor.  He can just play smart and believable as a doctor.  He also has to be a little in love with the leading lady.   He has also done King.  (Not a prerequisite I swear!)  But please do not age with make up or CGI, give a senior actor a job with rocking voiceover.

Sandra Stansfield

The pregnant patient.  Emma Stone is the right age and has the determination the character needs.  She is a single woman in the 1930's deciding to keep her unplanned baby.  Stone has an integrity about her that would make this character shine.  

Mrs. Davidson

The doctor's receptionist and nurse is a bit judgemental about young Miss Stansfield.  But she ends up being impressed with her and supporting her in a way I can't write about.  Kathy Bates does more with a look than some actors can do with pages of dialogue.  (OK, she has King cred too, can you say Oscar winner!)

I know that the budget just went up on this film.  What do you think?  Who would you cast?


  1. Love it, Jo! You are spot on with your movie castings. Why are you not in cahoots w/ Darabont and other casting directors? You should be! get on that sister. ;)

  2. Well if you talk to Frank, give him my number. I could work out of my house.