Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wanderlust - 2012

My husband is on vacation and I am still on leave from my surgery, so we decided to actually leave the house.  I'm not ready for any wild parties or major physical exertion, so we decided on a movie.  There wasn't a whole lot showing, so we picked "Wanderlust".  We are both fans of Paul Rudd and the trailer looked cute. 

We were wrong.

It is the story of George and Linda.  They are a New York couple who have just bought their first apartment.  Everything is going fine until George's company is brought down.  No real explanation as to why except seeing his boss led out by cops.

Since Linda doesn't really have a job, she is trying unsuccessfully to sell a weird documentary to HBO.   So they are suddenly broke.  They decide to go to Atlanta and live with George's brother who owns his own successful business. 

On their way they decide to stop for the night and the GPS finds a crazy little bed and breakfast.  They have a great night, smoking pot and getting to know all the residents.  It turns out to be a commune founded by Alan Alda in the early seventies. 

They leave the next morning and get to the brother's house.  He has a boozing wife and annoying child.  They last one day before running back to the commune to give it a try as a new lifestyle. 

They get back and announce that they are back to stay.  The group embraces them and introduces them to the real way they do things. 

Soon Linda is loving everything about her new life.  George is instantly missing the old life.  He starts looking for new work and trying to avoid the nudist guy who is writing a political thriller. 

The movie is just embarrassing.  It has some humorous movies but nothing that had me laughing out loud.  The storyline wasn't very cohesive or even terribly original.  It is a typical fish out of water movie. 

I can see why it didn't do that well at the movie theaters.  Guess I should have held out for "The Hunger Games."  I can't believe how long it has been since I've really been blown away by a movie. 

Oh, and if you heard about this movie and thought you'd see it because Jennifer Aniston is topless, don't bother.  They blur out the boobs. 

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