Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fargo - 1996


This is a movie I love.  Over the years I have mentioned how much I love it and especially how funny I think it is.  More than once I have had people stare at me with a dumbfounded look on their face at this.

They are truly shocked that I find it amusing.  I first saw it when I was selling it.  I watched it alone and immedietely told my husband he needed to see it too. 

It is a simple story but so layered and rich. 

William H. Macy is Jerry Lundegard. (BTW, Happy Birthday Mr. Macy!)  He has gotten himself into some money trouble.  He is running a dealership owned by his father-in-law.  He's been dodging calls about some VIN numbers related to some loans.   They never come out and say exactly how he got into this trouble or what he used the money for.  Which I think is awesome.  I think knowing that he gambled or bought weird sex would take away from the story.

He hires a couple of guys to kidnap his wife.   It is a no rough stuff kind of deal.  They are supposed to grab her and take her to a remote little cabin on the lake and hold her till Jerry gets the ransom from his father-in-law.  But even the best laid plans fall apart.

Jean doesn't go quietly.  I love that she fights!  They finally get her in the car and head for the hideout.   A routine little traffic stop turns into a major problem leaving three people dead.

We are then introduced to one of the best female characters in film history.

Marge Gunderson.

From the moment she is woken up early to the final moments, Frances McDormand was spot on perfect and deserved every award including her Oscar.  She gives the film it's heart.   Whether she's interviewing prosititutes or comforting her husband she is engaged and real. 

The whole cast is great.  There is violence and language, but that has never turned me off if the story is good.  I don't like anything that is just there for the shock value.  

This movie is a great example of that.  And it is funny.  Maybe it's because I live near Minnesota and know that there are people that talk like this. 

My husband and I took a weekend trip there a few weeks after seeing this movie and could barely keep a straight face when were hit with the "Minnesota Nice" accent at our hotel.  Then we went into our room to find a giant moose head hanging over the bed.  That is romance my friends.

This is one of my unclickable movies.  If it is on I watch it. 


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